A real-life interactive scavenger hunt.




This experience is a COVID-19 era interactive scavenger hunt and tour played out on your mobile device while traveling through Indianapolis, Indiana.

The clues will lead you to several historically haunted locations in downtown Indianapolis. It is designed for groups of 1-8 people who enjoy the thrill of the hunt and learning about Indianapolis' haunted history.

This interactive hunt/tour will give you the chance to participate in an interactive experience in your own time without gathering in large groups at confined facilities.  


Who officially investigates the paranormal? Many conspiracy theorists point to the men in black. Others point to an "X Files" division of the FBI. Are they a government agency? Or are they a more secret, self managing operation without the knowledge or interferrence of the government? Whoever they are, they have contacted you. This "agency" has identified certain qualities in you which they believe will help them investigate the paranormal. Do you have what it takes? How will you do as a Paranormal Researcher for The Agency?

The Indianapolis Field Office is hiring.

Sign up to be an agent today to see if you have what it takes.


You must have the following characteristics of an Agent to be considered:

1 - Pay the recruitment fee of $14.95 to show your financial responsibility and prove your serious intent of becoming an Agent. (Up to 8 players can enjoy this experience for one fee.)


2 - Have access to and be willing to travel to downtown Indianapolis to complete your mission.

3 - Be willing to travel on foot and/or by vehicle to complete mission objectives.

4 - Have a smartphone capable of transmitting and receiving text messages, emails, locations and photographs. (data charges may apply through your cell phone carrier)

5 - Be willing to communicate with H.Q. and other authorized Agents via your mobile device. (data charges may apply through your cell phone carrier)

6 - Be willing to complete missions indoors and outdoors.


7 - Be willing to spend 1-4 hours completing mission objectives. 

8 - Assemble a team of 1-8 trusted players. (only one "Recruitment Fee" regardless of number of teammates)

9 - Follow all laws and ordinances. Respect private properties and only enter properties if given permission by property owners. You must also understand that you are playing this scavenger hunt style mission at your own risk and responsibility and at your own risk and free will. (The Agency will deny your existence if necessary)

10 - Hold the agency harmless in the event of injury, arrest or capture.


Click "Complete Agent Sign Up" ONLY if you meet the above criteria.