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2002 Prospect Street

Indianapolis, IN 46203

Fletcher Hotel

The year is 1921. You have accepted a position at the mysterious Fletcher Hotel. A postcard with no return address arrived in your mailbox weeks ago. It offered you one night of employment for a substantial amount of money. The hotel has sat empty and unused for a decade...except for one night a year when a secret society rents out the entire hotel for their annual Halloween ball. The slumlord owners of the hotel are paid a large sum of cash and they gleefully accept this payment and agree to be discreet. The postcard you received directed you to make a reservation as a hotel guest and to tell no one of your whereabouts. If you show up and perform certain "services", you will be paid handsomely. You need this money. You are confused and cautious. What is this secret society? What kind of "services" will you be providing? Why were you told to tell no one? Who else have they hired? Why are they paying you so much damn money? All of your questions will be answered inside the Fletcher Hotel.
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